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12 April 2010 @ 07:44 pm
[email to kevin]  
To: kevin.malone@dundermifflininfinity.com
From: angela.martin@dundermifflininfinity.com
Subject: Your Manners


I shouldn't even have to ask you this, it is ridiculous. But this is the fourth time in two weeks that I have been distracted from my work by the smell of steak wafting over the divider between our desks. Honestly! Steak? Eating is for the break room, not your desk. I've put up with the sound of you eating M&Ms for years, but steak is much too much. Learn some manners.

Also, calling me "Whore-gela?" Very rude, and completely uncalled for. I have already reported you to both Toby AND corporate, and if this steak thing (really? steak?) does not end TODAY, I will be reporting you for that as well.

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