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23 April 2010 @ 10:51 pm
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The heat has become overwhelming. This time of year I usually sit out on the porch with a book when I have free time, but it is just impossible. It is much more practical to sit in the air conditioning with the kitties.

However, that has become difficult as well...two days ago my AC broke. I called the repairman but they told me it would be a WEEK. I hate to put my kitties through a week without air conditioning! I've been doing whatever I can to try to keep them comfortable. I'm putting ice cubes in their water bowls, I've set up fans all around the house, I put a thin layer of water in the bathtub in case they want to lay in there, I've put ice packs under blankets in their beds...but ugh! This can't go on much longer. :( I've been running home during lunch to check on them. They seem to be doing okay, but I feel horrible.